September 22nd 2017

All Donations are mucho appreciated

Bitcoin Donations
BTC – 38cQZD2HLhroVyVq8EfSCPgN9LoJbGoc3w

Ethereum Donations
ETH – 0xdc32943d667ba25e0b5d948ccf76486ca0e9ecbe

Litecoin Donations
LTC – coming

Dash Donations
Dash – 7UANMtoa5yh3XfihKnkjmfnw2Bqb97L7Ex

Bcash Donations
BCH – lol kidding, i dont want that shit

Please send me email if you did sent, so I can give shout out! 😉 andddddddddddddd THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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