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March 13th 2008

We’ve had a request to remove these photos

This hot teen ex girlfriend is posing topless with her hot perky teen boobs looking so sexy. Those tits are fucking awesome and I’d love to have my little hard cock slapping against those hot tits!

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March 09th 2008


Dont you just love these cute teens that take pictures of themselves??? Especially when they are in the privacy of their own bedroom in their most comfortable state of mind, thinking and “knowing” that nobody will ever see these naughty topless pictures anways so they can do anything cute, sexy, stupid that they want, too bad mister ex-boyfriend gets a hold of the camera and uploads them to the interweb for us all to see these things and blow loads on our computer screens to these extremely hot teens. This tasty and busty brunette didnt have a clue what was to come of these personal pictures she’s taking of herself hehe.  Enjoy!!

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March 03rd 2008


Super cute Jasmin teen is taking pictures of herself wearing only bra and panties and laying in her bed, showing her hot cleavage and her big breasts. She’s only a teenager yet she’s loving the attention of exposing her cleavage and teasing with her huge titties. She’s half Asian and half American, the mixture of Asian teens with any race makes a girl so so fucking sexy.

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February 22nd 2008


This cute teen girlfriend comes home from school and does a strip tease right in her family kitchen while her parents are at work, showing her cute perky breasts and then pulling out her tiny little thong. Then she retires into her bedroom for the VERY naughty shit, she removes her thong panties and her tight denim jeans to show us a tease of her shaved litte pussy. I think she’s a dirty blonde, and I literally mean DIRTY!!!! (as in nasty, naughty, freak hoe). She’s a total hottie though! Her small tits are perfection!

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February 07th 2008


Cute teen with MASSIVE big boobs sitting naked in her room while sneaking in a cigarette while her parents are away at work. She is a very naughty girl, at first posing with her teddy bear then stripping to buck naked and smoking a cig. Man, those tits are fucking gigantic!

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January 26th 2008


This cute blonde teen girlfriend is playing around in her parents bed totally naked, first wearing fishnet shirt and tight jean miniskirt, then taking it all off and rubbing her tits while totally naked and laying in her parents bed. She’s got such incredible tits, cute smile and an overall beautiful body. This naughty girlfriend is an absolute winner in every aspect! Love that tight pussy!

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December 26th 2007



This cute Goth teen is chilling in her cute little black panties, little bit see thru, and quickly unzips her black long sleeve shirt, underneath is no bra, only straight up sexy, cute, perfectly sized boobies. Her black eyeliner around her eyes along with her batman poster in the back is just looking way too damn cute! Got Goth? hehe

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December 24th 2007


This cute teen gets a kick out of taking teasing pictures and posting them to the web for us to see. Everything is non nude but still she’s looking sexy, a little on the thicker side but still sporting a hot ass in that tiny thong. And I especially like her look in that cute dress

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November 06th 2014

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Lisa Michelle is 18 years of age and she is 1 superrrrrrr horny young amateur girl. She submitted her pictures of her wearing her bra, panties and black stockings. She’s removing them quickly and pulling her ass cheeks apart, and rubbing on her nice pink pussy. She lays on her bed and masturbates until her bf comes home, then she sucks his dick for a while, he takes POV blowjob pics. Then he sticks his hard cock into her nice shaved teen pussy. Lisa Michelle 18, you are something! Thanks a lot for submitting your nude pics, I really hope you’ll submit more of your sexy, naked, sex pictures/videos soon!

She submits her own pics and says:
“Hey my name is Lisa Michelle and I would love to have my pictures posted to your site…. I’ll let you make up the story for them… Also I would love an email knowing when they are posted. also im 18 if youd like to post that in the pictures lol i kinda forgot to tell ya that…. March 30, 1996 is my birthday. i could tell ya some of the things i like to have done to me in the bedroom lol. I love to be ate out and when a guy nibbles on my clit as hes fingering me it drives me up the walls…. i also love to have my collarbone kissed on and my nipples bit love having my toes sucked on and i do like anal play…. nothing feels nearly as good as when a guy will take one of my toys as hes fucking me and place it in my ass or my pussy while hes fucking me God…. =) mmmm lol thats some of em feel free to add to it =) i also love when a guy cums inside of me and continues to fuck me that really gets me hot lol. i have pictures of me sucking and fucking a guy…. also i love threesomes”

The VIDEO is here!

See her personal little blog space at

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October 25th 2014

Watch Teen Gfs and Girlfriend Revenge are amateur ex gf sites with tons more Ariel Jones-type ex gf nudies!

These are new sexy nude Ariel Jones pics submitted today. Some are of her taking selfies wearing her bra and tiny thong panties. Others are of her 100% naked, with her hot ass and body! Ariel loves those naked cell phone pics in her bedroom mirror the best it seems, I love that picture she’s sticking her ass out, WOW she’s fucking HOT! She’s also trying on some new sexy lingerie in these new sexy photos!

Ex submits these sexy pics says:
“Just an ex of mine. Say whatever you want. She’s a slut. Use Dakota as my name. Her name is Ariel Jones. I would like an email if it goes up. Thanks you”

By the way, she has many more posts on RealTeenGirls just search her name Ariel Jones, also she has a sex video that’s been uploaded to here.

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