August 20th 2012

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Ouch, well, looks like this is a hot naked ex girlfriend we should stay away from. But that’s perfect because we only need to look at her sexy nude pics, her bald pussy, and hot little boobs behind the safety of our computers :) So this naked amateur is dangerous and psycho, but it’s ok for us, we keep our distance LOL. Really nice pics tho of this hot brunette ex girlfriend.

Pic submitter says:
“Cindy (25 at the time) from Wichita, KS. This is one psycho girl. A compulsive liar. We dated for about a year. Luckily I got out before I went insane. She really liked to fuck though. Unfortunately it wasn’t just me that she liked to fuck. She moved in with me after a couple months. I thought things would settle down but they got worse really quickly. Had to kick her to the curb. You might see her sorting cattle at a rodeo. She travels throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to compete. Her day job is a physical therapist.”

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