Sexy asian Aura Micro Bikini model babe

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Here is the most famous Aura Bikini model girl, she’s a sexy and very skinny petite asian teen with tiny boobs. Most of her pictures this asian bikini girl is wearing tiny string bikinis or thong bikinis. Sometimes she pulls aside her bikini top showing her tiny boobs and nipples, but there is a light mosaic over her tiny tits. Also she really pulls her bikini bottom really tight against her asian teen pussy too, so you can see every outline of her sexy asian cameltoe. This sexy little asian babe has such a hot ass, wearing her bikini, miniskirts, panties, and all. She sometimes takes vacations with her photographer to the Thailand beaches of Koh Samui and Phuket to take some sexy bikini beach photos.

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7 thoughts on “Sexy asian Aura Micro Bikini model babe”

  1. I just translated what “skydeep” says, he speaks Japanese and it means: “Mr. Aura is the best.”

    And yes, skydeep I totally agree with you! Aura such a hot petite little asian body, I love her, and that hot ass, cameltoe, and those little sweet tits!

  2. stunningly beautiful, would love to see more images of her feet, their perfect with beautiful long toes.

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