February 11th 2013

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Here is a very cute 18 year old tiny tits Texas teen. She’s taking many sexy naked self pics in her bedroom. Her tits are small A-cup tits, really nice, perky and teenie. She’s got an ugly tattoo on her lower stomach of 2 bird feathers. This cute little 18 year old barely legal teenager is 2-timing guys and she’s a little teen heartbreaker! I guess being so pretty and especially sexy when naked, her body so tight and her teen tits so small, she earned the right to be able to break some poor guys’ hearts.

1 of her heartbroken guys sent these says this:
My name is H*****. I am in the air force. I come back home to her telling me she loves me and she wants to be with me. I spill my heart out to her. Next morning, I wake up to text messages saying she can’t see me. She has a boyfriend. Her name is Randi, from Texas. Please email me when she goes up.

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December 07th 2012

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Here’s submitted nude pictures of a cute 19 year old amateur girl. She’s taking many nude pictures with her mobile phone in bathroom mirror, including close-up pussy pics. She looks a little thick for a 19 year old, but always has a cute smile and also has really nice little boobs too. Checkout the links above and below if you like to see hot naked amateur girls with phones.

Boyfriend of this sexy girl says:
“I’m Joshua ****, this is a 19yo girl I’ve been talking to who will screw anyone that can pay her a compliment or two. She’s from Florida, and is trying to go into the army. Please let me know when its posted.”

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November 01st 2012

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Hey guys, we have amateur babes with big titties and shaved pussy today! This hot sexy amateur girl is totally naked and appears to be bathing herself in her bathroom sink. She’s rubbing on those busty tits and sticking her fingers inside her nice shaved pussy, while taking self pics in the mirror. She’s one of the very hot teen girls you’d see on the ASU (Arizona State University) campus and at the frat parties.

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September 25th 2012

BreeRoxx.com is her official website with lots of her naked pics and vids

Sexy and young amateur babe Bree Morgan (aka Bree Roxx) is here taking self pics, amateur at home private pics, and being cute on these rare personal pics. She’s taking nude herself pics using her cell phone camera. Showing off that nice tight little body and really cute perky tits, and wow, what a nice round ass too! She’s got schoolgirl uniforms and even some french maid uniform too. I’ve fallen in love with you Bree!

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July 28th 2012

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Holy shit this nude amateur girl is hotness! She’s posing so sexy in her bedroom wearing things like tiny red panties, or sexy soffe shorts, bra, pulling down her shorts & panties showing her tight bare ass and all. She’s always taking cute topless and naked self pics, and taking naked pics while in the shower and bathing, showing off her little perky teen boobs, sexy body and even blowing bubbles kisses! This hot girl goes with the name “maialissima“, maybe her name is Mai or Alissima, I’m not totally sure. Anyways, she loves going to the beach, wearing sexy bikinis, and sometimes even going topless at the beach too. Nude amateur girls like this ex gfs pics are hard to come by!

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July 13th 2012

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This amateur girlfriends pics go by the name “PFCKendricks from Photobucket“. She’s a really sexy body amateur girl totally naked in the bathtub. Bathing teens with her nipples and pussy covered in rose pedals, it’s a bit of a shame, we don’t get to see all of the goodies, but it’s nice to see her really hot body, small boobs and really nice shape. Nice self pics here, I hope she didn’t get her camera wet!

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July 08th 2012

Brooke Marks Nude Zips is where you’ll find tons more naked pics, vids, and zips of this super sexy babe.

Brooke Marks is totally naked in this new zip set titled “Bare Bubbles”. She’s in the bathtub nude and putting soap suds all over her hot naked body. If you purchase the zip then you get to see more of her boobs and pussy too btw :)

Her site says this, quoting directly:
“Brooke sheds her duds and covers herself in suds! For a moment, anyway. With every second that goes by, more bubbles pop. Within a minute, all the bubbles have popped away. Watching this zipset, it won’t be a minute until you’ve popped one off as well.

With two HD camera angles both on screen at once, you’ll see the first multi-perspective “whoopsies” in Brooke Marks history, as she lathers up and dances the soap clean off her famous body. It’s a sudsational booty-shaking, pussy-grinding striptease, and as the soap runs off her tits and back down into the tub, her flat sexy stomach looks as good as it ever has. There are moments in this video with straight-ahead views where you can’t tell whether there’s soap left on any of her naughty bits at all any more.

She slides her tits back and forth across the glass of the walk-in shower, knocking the suds off her nipples. Then, in a first-time ever move for Brooke, she presses her round melons against the glass again and again, completely exposing her tits. Brooke drops the soap in this zipset, so please be a good fan and drop a little cash to let her know you like it. It’s a worthy purchase, and you’ll be the first to reach for a towel!”

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June 15th 2012

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This is a group of sexy Swedish college babes smoking and drinking and taking sexy pictures together. These naughty amateur party girls are always wearing their bra and panties, or dressing up sexy for clubbin, and some even flashing their cleavage and full titties. They strip at parties, get naked and take baths together, imagine that, a group of amateur Swedish teens naked in the bathtub with you, getting drunk! Oh GOD that is heaven on Earth!!! Some of the girls are lesbians too, 2 hot teen lesbian girls kissing, yummy!

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June 03rd 2012

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Look at the big boobs on this hottie! This cute amateur girl is taking many self pics of her hot body, naked tits, and also her naked wet body in the bathtub, something about bathing nude teens gets a dick hard so quickly!

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May 24th 2012

TawneeStone.com and JordanCapri.com are the official sites of these 2 super sexy teen girls

Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri love getting naked while bathing and showering and kissing each others tiny perky teen tits. Hot lesbian teens with a burning desire to lick other girls titties!

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