August 02nd 2009

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Well, obviously she’s not a teen but she’s younger 20′s and I think she deserves a spot on RTG, she’s got BIG ass fake boobs and a pretty smile, but the part that gets her onto RTG is the fack that she gets face fucked as she’s got a dick n balls dildo sticking out of her coochie, that is fucking AWESOME!!!! We love that kinda shit so girls out there, get it on, give us a smile, take a dick in your mouth and rub your wet pussy all at same time, you’ll get hella exposure here, you’ll be an instant online celebrity!!!! (hahaha..NOT! well, i guess inĀ  way, yes)

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July 28th 2009

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Do you like blonde teens? What about hot naked blonde teen girlfriends spreading their tight pussy open before taking a bath? This blonde teen hottie has nice busty tits and a tiny little petite body that we’d all love to break! She bends over and spreads her pussy lips wide open and rubbing her clit, fucking NOICE!!!!

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July 23rd 2009

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Well guys, I was thinking about adding this girl to our favorites section, I think she’s worthy of it, but not enough pictures, so if you can find more of her PLEASE send them in, I’d love to add her to the favorites. Anyways, she’s laying on her bed taking off her tight jeans, wearing little tiny panties, taking those off too and ramming her 3 or 4 fingers into her tight pussy hole, I guess it wont be so tight anymore after this hand rape haha! Her tits are showing the entire time, such a nice set of hot teen boobs she has and she’s looking like a naughty secretary or office girl since she’s wearing those glasses. Very hot girl, naked, hot tits, and all. Love it!!!

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July 18th 2009

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new RTG Favorites post, but here’s oen, this hot ass girl with petite little body is getting totally naked, she has perky little teen boobs and such a nice ass, it’s all wet in the bathtub, WOW! Then she takes that dick in her mouth, sucking it dry! Suctioning all the sperm juice out of that hard dick, she’s giving a memoriable exgirlfriend blowjob that will never be forgotten, not by him and not by us too!!! LOL. She’s spreading her legs open she has a beautiful pussy, it’s so great, shaved, clean and fresh looking, lets suck the pussy juice out of that, or make a pussy juice shake! Fuck ya!!!! Very nice!!!

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July 10th 2009

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This big tits blonde exgf is topless and wearing tiny white panties, her body is super small and petite so I dont know how she is able to tote around those BIG massive gigantic boobs. Her nipples are like twice the size of pepperonis when they are fully erected nips. These are fake boobs of course btw! She then gets her naked body onto her bed and spreads open her shaved pink pussy.

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June 08th 2009

This ones for you “hairy asshole“, he mentioned in this post that he wants more asian girls, and it’s already known that I love asians too so why not!!! Yay!!!!! Asian fanatics unite!!!


Oh my buddha! I love them perky asian boobs!!!

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June 06th 2009

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This cute and sexy teen ex girlfriend is laying in bed showing her hot tits with her perky nipples and then spreading her ass and pussy wide open waiting for the insertion, she’s rubbing and spreading and getting all wet and nymphomatic. Super hot, nice little hot bod on this sexy teen girlfriend

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May 31st 2009

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This sexy teen girl just turned 18 years old last week, and she’s already being such a naughty lil nympho, waiting and wanting a dick inside her tight pussy. She’s buck naked and spreading her shaved pussy wide open and slowly inserting a dildo inside, getting all juicy and wet and rubbing her busty boobs. This hot blonde teen cutie is very sexy and naughty, enjoy!!

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May 08th 2009

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Kylie Macknight emailed us asking to remove her nude photos. Sorry guys :( Kylie c’mon girl, you allowed the pictures to be taken! You must’ve known the risk about them leaking to the internet, right?

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May 03rd 2009

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This sexy blonde big boobs busty teen has got massive nice tits and a really dark farmers tan around where her bikini cuddled against her big boobs when at the beach the day before. She’s here cuddling her boobs and even trying to lick them, and when she’s getting horny she gets totally naked and spreading her pussy wide open and fingering her tight teen pussy with her 2 fingers, getting all wet and juicy, this hot and horny teen is such a sweetheart, such a sexpod and hotty!

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